FSHOF Fan Club & The FACA Partnership

The Florida Athletic Coaches Association & Executive Director Shelton Crews have partnered with the FSHOF Fan Club to benefit the High School sports across the state of Florida. A joint committee in support of this effort is being led by legendary coach Bobby Bowden, FSHOF inductee class of ’83. A portion of each donation made for any level of participation in the FSHOF Fan Club will be contributed to the FACA.

Tony Dungy

Florida Sports Hall Of Fame Fan Club Provides Student Memberships To All 117 Children Attending Florida Citrus Sports Summer Camp

The Florida Sports Hall of Fame Fan Club is pleased to announce that it has raised enough money through its Student Scholarship Program to sponsor all 117 children attending Florida Citrus Sports’ annual summer camp. Each camper will receive a student membership to the Fan Club which includes a tablet bag, pen and discounts to Dick’s Sporting Goods, Pizza Hut and Buffalo Wild Wings. They will also receive a T-shirt donated by Athletic Junction.

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About the Florida Sports Hall of Fame

The Florida Sports Hall of Fame recognizes and honors Florida’s greatest sports figures and events, and leverages this collective celebrity to promote fitness awareness, education and sports activities among our state’s youth and adults. Equally important is the promotion of the qualities of discipline and honor among sports participants.