Wayne Hogan

Wayne Hogan

Executive Director

A widely acclaimed expert in the field of strategic communication and public relations, Wayne Hogan is owner and CEO of Mango Media Management LLC and, in that capacity, serves as executive director of the Florida Sports Hall of Fame.

Hogan’s work with the Hall of Fame began in 2015 when he was engaged by the organization to handle its day-to-day affairs and to re-energize and refocus its mission and purpose. Working alongside then Hall of Fame President Barry Smith, the two set about to take the organization, its charitable work and its membership across the state of Florida where in five years its brand has skyrocketed.

The organization creates a series of events each year, utilizing the popularity and fame of its members, to generate funds to not only grow the brand, but to provide assistance and awareness of issues related to the health and well being of Florida’s youth. Since Hogan joined the organization, the Florida Sports Hall of Fame has generated more than $1.2 million in resources to expand the Hall’s footprint and extend its good works to every corner of the state. 

Hogan spent more than 35 years in public relations, external affairs and administration at Florida State University, Georgia Tech and at the University of Montana. He spent the last 25 years at the highest level of collegiate sports as an athletic director and external affairs chief. Hogan’s company, Mango Media, has a mission to build better communication for organizations through strategic planning, relationships and quality control of messaging. His work as executive director of the Florida Sports Hall of Fame has completely transformed the organization, bringing about a 10-fold increase in the 501c3 organization’s revenue and a meteoric boost to its brand awareness.

Hogan received a degree in Communication from Florida State in 1979 and taught several Communication courses while employed at FSU.